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Welcome to the #Sad-My-Little-Pony Group!

You will find collections of sad My Little Pony artwork, animation, and fanfics! It's always good to cry every once in a while, and we are here to help! Confound these ponies with the ability to make us cry. :)

Please submit anything that has touched your heart, sad, bittersweet or just depressing to look at! Click on the "Gallery" button above to see all art!

Request to join the group is auto-approved.

Sad Youtube Videos! -…

Sad Fanfics! -…

We do not take humanization/anthro, NSFW, pointlessly gory, or sloppy art (There are exceptions, but these are very rare).

With comics or fanfics...only submit one part of it to reduce cluttering.

If you feel unsure about why we declined your submission, you can always ask. :)

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Originally founded by edock120

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This journal is written because I need to explain something that is palpably unjustifiable: you would submit your picture Y, which is "clearly" of higher quality than a certain picture X in this group's gallery, yet I declined X. I wish to convince you that this is not due to my deliberate subversion.

There are two reasons for this unfortunate phenomenon. The first reason is that judgment in art quality is different for everyone; the second is that my judgment is different everyday. Both of these variations are not very big, but these variations can make a difference when the picture under question is near the boundary of acceptance/declination.

I'll explain the effects of this variation in the case of my own judgment. The effects are similar in the other case.

The most appropriate way to model my judgment is to think of me as a program that takes in a picture and outputs a number based on its sadness, artistic quality, and a bunch of other factors. If the output number is greater than 0, then that art gets included, else it doesn't.

Suppose now we have three pictures A, B, C, D.
A is of amazing quality, D is of very bad quality, and B, C are of boundary quality. Now, suppose I look at these four pictures once a day, record down my scores for these pictures, then wipe my memory about these pictures (so that each day's judgment is independent). After doing this for many days, I list all the data I wrote down, and what I would see is this:
A: 100, 103, 97, 80, 102, 110, ... 100.
B: -1, 3, 0, -3, 5, 3, ... 1.
C: 2, -2, 0, -3, -1, ... , 1.
D: -10, -11, -8, -12, ... -5.
I computed the average scores. A, 100; B, 1; C, -1; D, -10. Thus, it would be reasonable to say that I should always include A and B, and always exclude C and D.
However, there are daily variations in these scores. On certain days, I may be more touched by sad art and give them a higher score, or may be too tired to judge with sufficient attention and give them a lower score, and the variations in my judgment can be large: I have judged A to be 80 on one day, and C to be -5 on another day.
However my judgments may vary, since A has such a high score, the variations in my judgment can't make a dent, and A would get accepted any day. Similarly, C would not be accepted any day. BUT, for B and C, things are much less predictable. It's quite possible that I would accept C and exclude B, had they come at the certain days when I would score B lower than 0, and score C higher than 0.

Thus, as a general rule, whether I accept art that is of boundary quality is highly random, and the randomness increases as the quality nears the boundary.

Similarly, there are some art that are so good that everypony would agree that they deserve to be included, and some are so bad that none would. And there are the boundary cases where personal variations matter a lot. It's conceivable that, given two boundary cases X and Y, you would consider X to score 2 and Y to score -2, while I consider X to score -1 and Y to score 4.

What does all of these mean?

If you submit a piece of art that is of quality that is near the boundary, then whether I accept it is quite random. Thus, this unfortunate phenomenon appears: sometimes I would decline a piece of art that has a higher average score than another piece of art that I have accepted, simply because of random effects (in less amicable words, “my whims and fancies”).

To those who are upset that I declined your art when some lesser art exist in this gallery... I owe you an apology, even though I'm not deliberately guilty. The most likely thing that happened is that your art falls near the boundary of quality, thus whether it gets included becomes highly unpredictable, subject to random chance. Maybe if you had used a different color scheme, or drew some other pony, or submitted it on a rainy day, or… I would have included it.

Above all, please don't be upset... I try my best to make this group useful and an interesting place to visit... I try my best, but I can't always do my best, and I can't prevent the inherent randomness from causing me to accept some art but decline some other equally good art.
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Group Info

We collect My Little Pony art that will tug on your heartstrings, whether it be sad or heart warming.
Founded 1 Year ago
Jun 21, 2012


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Art Collection

900 Members
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Haha! I...I made it!

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Luna damn it.
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I'm kind of new to deviantART so just wondering, how do you submit art? Sweating a little... 
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Thanks for featuring my art :-)
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Thank you for offering to place my art pieces within this group.
It's greatly appreciated. 
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Hello, is this deviation good enough qul\ality-wise to be in your group?
It's intentionally scratchy to reflect combat fatigue.
Dattebayo681 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I declined my deviation because I'll be reuploading it in scanner www quality tomorrow.

Still though, it pained me to click that red button. x)
GySGtGibbs Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yesterday, I watched "Sleepless in Ponyville" and it depressed me.

I never had a positive role model to look up to when I was Scootaloo's age... :( :(
Firekitty8 Feb 11, 2014   Digital Artist

my I ask why my art was declined it doesn't bother me I'm just curios

Was the quality not good

Don't you accept ocs

did I put it in the wrong folder


Thanks for reading have a nice day

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