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Welcome to the #Sad-My-Little-Pony Group!

You will find collections of sad My Little Pony artwork, animation, and fanfics! It's always good to cry every once in a while, and we are here to help! Confound these ponies with the ability to make us cry. :)

Please submit anything that has touched your heart, sad, bittersweet or just depressing to look at! Click on the "Gallery" button above to see all art!

Request to join the group is auto-approved.

Sad Youtube Videos! -…

Sad Fanfics! -…

We do not take humanization/anthro, NSFW, pointlessly gory, or sloppy art (There are exceptions, but these are very rare).

With comics or fanfics...only submit one part of it to reduce cluttering.

If you feel unsure about why we declined your submission, you can always ask. :)

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Originally founded by edock120

Group Info

We collect My Little Pony art that will tug on your heartstrings, whether it be sad or heart warming.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 21, 2012


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Art Collection

1,169 Members
1,675 Watchers
280,614 Pageviews
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Last month for me has been nothing but bad drama... Didn't devote enough time to this group.

This day, the roundup is devoted to .Tenenbris and scorchedwing.
Warning: I'm being particularly investigative/stalky here, so expect rather gratuitous amount of information.

Read this as more of a silhouette, a vignette, of the creators of the sad art, rather than the sad art itself.


.Tenenbris [mod Tumblr]:
Pinkies Limbo [ask Tumblr]:
Apocalyptic Pinkamena [ask Tumblr]: apocalyptic-pinkamena.tumblr.c…
dA Page:
Old dA Page:


".Sick and Disgusted"

This tumblr is the mod tumblr, contents including personal posts, sketches, and random popular Tumblr reposts.  Some of the posts offer a sketch of this artist.

This post:
"...i figured my particular style is more appealing for sub-groups in this community and the people who appreciate it are not as connected as people who just want to see pretty pictures."
"sub-groups in this community", well said.

This post is a rather illuminating look into their approach to art:
"While i don’t draw anything for attention anymore, that was a promise to myself when i changed my name, i don’t draw to explore my own creative abilities. Sure, in some regard i do; but most of the time it’s to get something out of my system.
I use my emotions as a drive to draw, i find anger, pain and sadness to be the ones that give me the “best results”. I take all my bad feelings and turn them into something good."

Pinkies Limbo
"Welcome to the void. . ."

The protagonist is Pinkamena, or "Limbo Pinkie Pie", wondering in a black and white limbo world.

Apocalyptic Pinkamena
"Harmony has fallen.
Equestria is clinging to a sinking stone."

The protagonist is Pinkamena, living in a post-apocalyptic world.
Also, there was another plotline that ran for 39 issues before it got abandoned.

A study of the etymology of "tenenbris"
"et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt", meaning "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it". (John 1:5)

"Tenebris" is Latin for "darkness" (more precisely, it is first declension, female gender, plural form, dative/ablative case. In Latin dictionaries, you should look for "tenebrae", which is its nominative case.), from PIE root *teme- "dark" (cognates: Sanskrit tamas- "darkness," tamsrah "dark;" Avestan temah "darkness;" Lithuanian tamsa "darkness," tamsus "dark;" Old Church Slavonic tima "darkness;" Old High German dinstar "dark;" Old Irish temel "darkness").
There are many descendents of this word, including tenebrous.

TEMNO (Czech for "darkness") is probably also related, though I can't state for sure (I can't find a Czech etymology dictionary).


His dA page:
The Tartarus Project:
You do not want to be here. [mod Tumblr]:
The smell of [a purged Tumblr]:
The Twisted Mare [ask Tumblr]:
for the love of ponies [art collection Tumblr, generally NSFW]:
BandCamp profile:
Soundcloud profile: profile:


You do not want to be here
"Mod blog. My art, randomness, venting, whining, depression, odd musical tastes. You have been warned."
"Go away, you do not want to be here."

As described, this is the mod tumblr of Scorchedwing, and the posts are mostly popular gifs, popular picture sets, music, his art,and his life ("whining, depression"). I listened to a few depressive black metal he suggested, and I like this album with Hordah Blaästhiir.
Also, I think I found his photo somewhere in this tumblr.

The Tartarus Project
"It is a website dedicated to the support, encouragement, and preservation of the dark aspects of the MLP:FiM fandom, such as art, music, fiction, animation, and games; think of it as a grimdark version of EqD."

TTP has so far 201 posts on it, but went on hiatus on January 7, 2014.

The smell of

There is nothing inside anymore. Circumstatial evidence* suggests that this was similar to the mod Tumblr in content.
*in this post, he linked to a url…

The Twisted Mare
"Spoiler: This will not end well."

A tumblr comic about Pinkamena, the twisted mare, with a bad ending (if the spoiler can be trusted).

for the love of ponies
"the (much better) works of other pony artists, as well as a ton of beautiful images of Pinkamena, Pinkie Pie, and grimdark"
"This is about ponies.

Some of the things that are posted here:

Pink things
RED things
Blue things
Purple things
Rainbow things
Sad things
Dead things
Cute things
Beautiful things
Black things
Grimdark things

This blog is generally NSFW."

This is an art collection tumblr, concentrating on sad ponies and Pinkamena, much like this group does.

BandCamp profile
[Icon image: A lanky, dark grey pegasus with black hair. The cutie mark is a lenticular eye with a pupil of red and yellow star.]
Scorched Wing
Seattle, United States
"The tracks here should be considered more as "emotional soundscapes" intended to describe a feeling or mood, rather than as songs in the popular sense.
I feel each album fits a specific pony, with the album as a whole describing the characteristic aspect of its respective pony. "

There are three albums in this BandCamp page.
"This is an aural description of a complete mental breakdown, written after I had one myself. It took me two years to go out in public or even smile again.
This album is dedicated to miss Pinkamena Diane Pie, that most beautiful yet horribly misjudged pony. You are not alone.
Further thanks to Lauren Faust; your childhood visions grew up to save lives."

 a little break from time:
"This album is dedicated to Twilight Sparkle, that most magical of ponies, whom also has some issues dealing with time-related stresses. "
 You are so random...:
"A light and fun aural approximation of what it might feel like to be in Pinkie Pie's head for a day or two.
This album is (obviously) dedicated to that most random of pink party ponies: Pinkie Pie. Please keep up your assault on the barrier, we need you!"

Soundcloud profile
Scorched Wing
Seattle, United States
"...random one-off song, WIPs, and other tracks of mine that I discover on old disks and drives."

Scorchedwing is one embodiment of sadness, a very aggressive one. His aggression is evident in this post (vulgar warning).
Some tumblr posts also refer to his psychosis.

He refers to Pikamena as "miss Pinkamena Diane Pie, that most beautiful yet horribly misjudged pony. You are not alone." He also has a shrine for her, or as he puts it, the Wall of Devotion.

His ponysona (probably his ponysona) is a lanky, dark grey pegasus with black hair. The cutie mark is a lenticular eye with a pupil of red and yellow star.

He is also the founder of :iconlove-for-pinkamena: and :iconpinkamenas-pony-hell:, the best dA groups for devotees of Pinkamena!

NOTE: This post about scorchedwing is uncomfortably long, because he never replies to my requests for inclusion of his art in the group gallery, so I resort to a textual inclusion, and since 1 img = 1000 char, this article ran this long! Treat this post as an ASCII-textual extension of the group gallery.

Also, I uploaded quite a lot of their art to Derpibooru. If it's impossible to add their art to this group's gallery, Getting these artists' art in one big pile in Derpibooru is the next best thing, I presume.
More Journal Entries










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KlalaskaXD Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know that writing about such stuff as depression and mental illnesses is kinda the most personal kinda thing, if you really have some kinda problems like that, so please don't, especially about others cause it's rude, I guess...
Depression isn't a thing like "oh sad personnnn they think more and are more sensitiveeee and that's beautiful"
It's actually a physical sickness cause it affects your brain. Well if we already talk about this stuff, yeah, I have depression and more shitty stuff, but...
I took lots of pills, even drugs, I used to be under constant observation. Annnnd you know what, these drugs and pills, they cure, after some time. Also, if you really have depression- you CAN'T live without pills, believe me. And you're NOT gonna write much about it either, cause if you have depression, it's a personal thing.
And guess what, I am all okay. Except for my liver, cause pills. :1
So don't speculate stuff like idk. xD don't tell people that I'm psycho okay... thank.s..
Drawing makes me feel shitty because of memories of times when I used to feel bad and could sit and draw 3 days in a row without a break, cause had nothing better to do, cause I had no one and was lonely.
And btw, my stuff on derpibooru isn't even uploaded by me, so I guess it's stolen, and we should report it? I really wanted my weird pony stuff to disappear from the internet.
Cause I am ashamed of it. Mostly because some people took the snots and tears on the ponies' faces as facial cumshots. xD /)_- and also I want to erase that part of my life so that's also why I'm not on dA anymore.
So thanks, have a nice day, and I wish your livers' luck in handling the pills, if you really have depression.
Avile13 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
please stop glorifying depression. My illness isn't something to be romanticised or admired. It's making your whole life feel like it shouldn't be. If you are depressed PLEASE seek help before it's too late.
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dear Avile13,

I'm pleasantly surprised that you showed up after such a long silence on your page. I believe it's the journal "Depression Roundup #8 - KlalaskaXD and Avile13" that linked you here.

I do not know whether you are addressing a general audience, or me in particular, nor am I entirely sure why you think this group is glorifying depression. However, I will address several possible causes of your concern.

The title "Depression Roundup" came from the "Nightly Roundup" on EquestriaDaily. These Depression Roundups (eight in this series so far) are intended to gather up some miscellaneous links to works of art that are sad and about ponies. They do not literally promote depression as desirable, even though I can't deny that they may promote the idea by implication. After all, if I'm working in my spare time to write up on depressed artists drawing depressed ponies, it probably means I see great value in the artistic values of depression (and that is probably true).

This group itself, with ~5000 pictures in its gallery, is indeed a large repository for sad pony art, but I believe that it does not promote depression. The viewer can draw their own conclusions from the galleries. Some come to be reassured in their sadness; some come to feel less alone; some come simply because they enjoy looking at sad ponies.
I cater them all, and the gallery itself does not actively advice the viewer to adopt one view or another.

However, I admit that a disproportionate amount of art in the gallery is sad, without clear indication of hope. Indeed, the folder "Hope", as of writing, contains 595 pictures, while the folder "Sad", 1835. It does appear that this gallery is more hopeless than hopeful. This I cannot help it. 

Me, the admin of this gloomy place, have indeed been diagnosed with depression. I have gotten more functional and as such, my health is not a cause for alarm.

All in all, I'm glad for your visit, and grateful for your valuable feedback. 

Solemnest regards,
KopaLeo, founder of Sad-My-Little-Pony group.

P.S.: Did I sound overtly formal? I'm sorry; I cannot help it. Whenever talking to strangers, I defensively use rigid formality in language.
SketchieArtist Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Professional Artist
this is a place where i belong :(
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcomed here. Sadness is not an abnormal state from which we much return, back to "happiness". Sadness is worthwhile in its own right.

I hope you find the sad pony art that you need here.
C-Puff Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for asking to add my picture of Shady to the group... but she's not an OC pony. She's from the first generation of ponies, like I said in her description.
Just so she can go in the correct subfolder.
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